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At Ignite Talks, Cognite teams up with Axios to tackle America's Energy Transition

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Image courtesy of Axios

Join us for an Ignite Talks spotlight, America’s Energy Transition, October 28, 12:30-1:00 p.m. US Eastern Time (5:30-6:00 p.m. Central Europe), in partnership with Axios.


The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the environment and an energy industry in need of transformation. Join Axios and Cognite, in this unique virtual event, where we will unpack how these shifts - lower carbon emissions, changing energy patterns, and new technologies - will have a lasting impact on the private sector’s approach to renewable energy.

Axios Energy Reporter Amy Harder will host one-on-one conversations with key leaders playing pivotal roles in transitioning American industry to renewable energy. Stay tuned this week on CogniteIgnite.com as thought provoking speakers are announced.

Following Amy Harder’s segment, Axios Chief Revenue Officer Fabricio Drumond will host a View from the Top segment with Cognite Founder & CEO, John Markus Lervik to take on the big questions that everyone in asset-intensive industries is asking:

  • How do we reimagine the way minds and machines can work together to transform our industries and ease the coming energy transition?
  • How can companies scale digitalization and generate real value?
  • How can technologies usher in a sustainable future and pave the way to decarbonizing industry? 

“We believe that every problem presents an opportunity for innovation. When it comes to America’s energy transition, we think that industrial software driven by liberated, contextualized data can be leveraged to make America’s energy industry run more effectively and sustainably. This will be crucial for its transformation to renewable energy,” says Cognite CEO John Markus Lervik. 

Join Axios and Cognite to delve deeper into this industry-critical topic.

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