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Cognite Awarded Contracts with Statnett, Norwegian State Owned Grid Operator, to Deliver Data Contextualization Platform and Digital Solutions within Smart Asset Management and Power System Analysis

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Feb. 10, 2021 // OSLO, Norway — Cognite has been awarded three contracts by Statnett, the system operator of the Norwegian power system, to develop and deliver a data contextualization platform and digital solutions within the areas of Power System Analysis and Smart Asset Management.

By selecting Cognite, Statnett gains access to scalable, cloud-based technology that will help the grid operator achieve its ambitious digitalization goals. The energy transition depends in part on a robust power grid that can integrate new sources of renewable energy and handle the growing electrification of society. Liberated, contextualized data will help power that transition.

“This partnership strengthens our ambition to become more data-driven in our decision-making processes. We’re developing digital solutions and making them available to our core business, which will help us boost our efficiency, improve our customer response time, and reduce costs,” said Beate Sander Krogstad, Executive Vice President for IT at Statnett.

Cognite and Statnett have over the past two years participated in a research and development project to find better and more efficient ways to query and handle data in the power system domain. The R&D collaboration uncovered a need for a data contextualization platform, a software solution that combines data and metadata from different sources and systems.

As part of the contracts awarded by Statnett, Cognite’s industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, will be used as part of Statnett's data platform. More than 50 industrial companies worldwide, among them Hafslund E-CO, Aker BP and OMV, are using Cognite Data Fusion® to operate and produce smarter, safer, and more sustainably. For Statnett, Cognite Data Fusion® will give applications and analysts easy access to contextualized data, and enable Statnett to develop new, relevant applications at the top of the contextualization platform.

“Cognite’s solutions can help digitalize the power and utilities industry, and Statnett will now be able to incorporate these solutions into its operations. As this partnership kicks off, I would also like to extend an invitation to other interested parties to reach out so that we can explore further opportunities for collaboration,” said John Markus Lervik, CEO of Cognite.

Faster analysis, smarter maintenance

One of the areas where Cognite’s solutions will be used is in Power System Analysis (PSA). As the electrification of society accelerates, grid operators such as Statnett need to be able to connect new power generation systems and consumers to the grid in a safe and efficient manner. To process grid connection applications, analysts need to examine large quantities of data to determine whether the grid must be upgraded to handle the increased load.

With all the relevant information needed to process grid connection applications accessible in one location, Statnett’s analysts can more efficiently process grid connection applications. This will streamline Statnett’s workflows and help the grid operator assist customers throughout the connection process.

Cognite will also contribute technology for Smart Asset Management (SAM). Today, Statnett conducts regular maintenance of transformers, power lines, gas-insulated substations, and the other components that form the power grid. With improved access to contextualized data in Cognite Data Fusion®, Statnett can better determine the condition of the various components and how it will change over time.

Cognite’s bid for the contracts was awarded the highest overall score as part of the open request for proposals (RFP) process. Cognite’s bid exhibited a high level of expertise and met Statnett’s technical and security-related requirements.


Contact info:

Michelle Holford

Global PR Lead, Cognite

+1 (512) 744-3420 (US)

+47 482 90 454 (Norway)



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